The Challenge of Being a Wife
by Ruth Hazelwood
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Ruth Hazelwood admits that her marriage relationship was not always good, and for the first 36 years of her married life she was unknowingly laying the groundwork for a book. She doesn't claim to have all the answers for happy marriages, but has come to the conclusion that in all marriages, women experience similar problems. It's how we face them that make the difference. This book  is for women concerned about the quality of their home and family relationships. Here you can learn ideas, experiences, and thoughts about this most important role.

Readers Comment

How encouraging it is to find someone with the ability to pass on ideas to others that are in tune with the times, yet adheres so closely and faithfully to God’s Word.  Your book has truly been an inspiration to me to improve my relationship with my wonderful husband as well as my teenage daughter.  Every now and then I pick up The Challenge of Being a Wife just as a quick reminder of the truths you have set forth.                     Deanna Hall, FL    

Your book is very good.  Please send me ten copies.  I can definitely recommend it.Jessie Flannery, OR

I’m happy you’ve had the book reprinted.  If it goes out of print a valuable tool for Christian women will be lost. Laura Waldron, TN                            

Teachers Comment

We have just concluded the series, The Challenge of Being a Wife.  Some are already asking for another class.  I have taught classes before, but never with so much interest.  The classes last about two hours, and even so the ladies are never ready to quit!                                                                                      Nina Kibler, OH


If being enthusiastic is a mark of a good class, then I must have one.  I’m having trouble keeping the number of pupils down.  Therefore, I plan to do the class again in the fall.  The book is indeed a challenge and an inspiration.  Never have I been so excited about a class and its objectives. Fran Pollock, OH

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Book Reviews

Dudley Ross Spears

The Challenge of Being a Wife

by Ruth E. Hazelwood 

Here is one of the best books on marriage and the home I have ever read.  Ruth Hazelwood is a Christian lady not unconcerned about the efforts of some to de-womanize women and blur the male-female, husband-wife relationship.  James R. Cope said in the introduction of the book, “The book gets at the husband-wife relationship somewhat differently from any other volume I have read.  I commend it to those who may chance to peruse its pages with the ardent home and fervent prayer that blessing after blessing may accrue as a result of thinking through and seeking to apply suggestions made herein.”

Mrs. Hazelwood is the mother of seven children and a devoted wife.  As I read the book alone, I thought how nice it would be for every wife to read the book but it was not long ‘till I realized that every husband should read it, right along side his mate for life.  If every married couple could just apply some of the “do’s” and “don’ts” suggested in this book, married life would be a lot happier.  Being friends as well as lovers is another thing Mrs. Hazelwood shows as a requisite for happiness in the home.  Without reservation or qualification, I urge every reader of this column to read this good book.

Preachers Comment

I have read your book with much appreciation.  You have taught some wonderful lessons and expressed them in an excellent way.  We plan to use the book and the study guide.                  Horace Hudgins, MS             ............................................................................

I am very well impressed with your book.  You have opened up many areas of improvement for both men and women.  The chapter “When He is Discouraged” was especially good.                    Donald Ames, IN

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